Debra Raskin: Blog en-us Debra Raskin (Debra Raskin) Sun, 07 May 2017 23:24:00 GMT Sun, 07 May 2017 23:24:00 GMT Debra Raskin: Blog 82 120 This site is in Progress.... I have been photographing "fast and furious" the last few weeks!   At the same time I am learning how to construct this site and work with social media....All and all , as much as I love shooting action I am actually very slow at getting my work out there!     Please bear with me ...especially for those who are looking to see the recent photos I took.

I have hundreds (and really good ones)  and way too many to post so if someone is interested in seeing what they were looking to find please contact me ...I most likely have it but it will need personal attention.

My main objective at this time is to show a small slice of my work and what has been inspiring to  me lately.

I am here if anyone wants to contact me.

Debby Raskin (fb)

passion for action (fb)..

I am happy to hear from you and know this work is appreciated.




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Splashing Moments! LOTS of ACTION on the WATER!

The water sport photos displayed on this site are a handful of countless images taken within the last few weeks.

I plan on adding to and rearranging this site more efficiently.    For now, I am happy to show a preview of my new interest

in water sport photography and hope my images portray the skill, fun and freedom experienced by All!


Thanks for Stopping By!



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