After a long photographic "hiatus" I am grateful to be "catching moments" once again.  Visual opportunites are everywhere  along the Gulf and  my "passion for action" is a motivating force.


This site is a preview of my current work  (excluding some of my beloved horse and animal images.)


The  water sport photographs have all been shot  within the couple of months.   I love being in and around the water and capturing exhilarating moments at "sea"  is always a joy!


Equine Photography ignited my photographic passion years ago and my love for horses will always inspire.  


The Thoroughbred Images were shot at Tampa Bay Downs.   This was the only chance I have had to reunite with the animals that have had such an impact on my life and the first time I have ever photographed at a race track.    Hope to return more often next season!


Pets bring action, unpredictability and humor to my lense.   Will be visiting every dog park in town!


Wildlife and Nature ..... an endless well of visual joy!   


...To the beautiful  Dolphins of St Joseph Sound who have added  magic and motion to my life!   They have touched my soul and reignited my life.



Photoshoots starting in June.......Always casual ...Always Fun!  


Smiles Guaranteed!


Debby Raskin